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Marathon Village

Originally developed between 1881 and 1912 for the development of Marathon Motor Cars, this historic Nashville area has been a site for renovation since 1988. There are plenty of businesses and corporations that operate from this neighborhood. It is not your typical neighborhood filled with shops, restaurants, and housing, but it is home to several unique businesses. You can find everything from boutiques to distilleries at Marathon Village.


Barista Parlor

Corsair Distillery

Grinder's Switch Winery

Marathon Music Works

Nelson's Green Brier Distillery

The Southern Engine

Third Coast Comedy Club

William Colliers


Antique Archaeology

The Bang Candy Company

Boswell's Harley-Davidson

Brown Dog Market

D. Luxe Home

Island Cowgirl Jewelry

Jack Daniels General Store

Lorraine's Boutique

Nashville Olive Oil Co

"O" Gallery

The Faded Farmhouse

Vincent Peach 

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